Once succumbing to his feelings and losing control of one person -
She loses power over all ...
A woman may only be overthrown by a whim... or love... whatever is closer to her!
Bolero by Liasan is a theatrical dance show that will take the viewer to a world ruled by beauty and attitude. There is no need for words here, emotions are read between the lines and expressed by body language. There are no boundaries, love can turn the world upside down, throw one off their throne and bring back from the ashes. Throughout the Bolero show, gymnastics is used to cross that thin line between femininity and sexuality, rather than as a world class sport. For the first time, elements of Vogue New Way style and gymnastics will tie together in one dance: the styles that seemed to be completely different from one another will be combined to the original music of Ryan Otter, while fantasies will become real. A series of costumes using new and original technologies will be created especially for Bolero show, using individual designs from talent all over the world, while digital graphics on the stage will transform the show into a full blown performance. Bolero by Liasan is a story of the universe of a woman, a Goddess, whose power is not to be compared with anyone else, yet her secret is in wisdom and weakness. She will be forced to take a challenge and engage in a fight. But will she be able to come out of it victorious and become happy even after loosing everything?
Duration: 77 minutes

Everything is within the power of a woman
To turn the world, to turn back the time, to create life, to raise herself from the ashes, but she can never subdue love. And, incredible as it may seem, even having lost everything, the woman will be happy in love.
Liasan Utiasheva
original story and producer
Businesswoman, model, TV show host and mother of two children
She is a legend of Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics, a multiple World and European champion, who found the strength to get back on her feet even when her legs were literally broken. She has left her mark in sports history, having had a few extremely difficult gymnastic moves named after her.

And now Liasan Utiasheva is a successful businesswoman, a TV show host, model, World Championship Ambassador for 2018 and a mother of two children

Vyacheslav Dusmukhametov
One of the major producers of comic and entertaining projects on Russian television. He is the producer of Comedy Club Production and the creator of the most popular TV shows and comic series for the TNT channel: Comedy Woman, Comedy Battle, Dances, Stand Up, Open Microphone, Improvisation, Where is Logic?, Once in Russia, serials Univer, Univer. New hostel, Interns.

Igor Rudnik
Choreographer Director
The director of TV shows, concerts and mass entertainment. Owner of the Order of Lomonosov for contribution to the development of culture and art.
Choreographer of television projects, concerts, clips, mass spectacles, ceremonies, prizes, etc.
Ekaterina Reshetnikova (Nesterovich)
Choreographer Director
The director of entertainment events, Russian top choreographer. Bronze medalist of the world championship Hip-Hop International 2014 (Las Vegas). Choreographer of the project "Dances".
Nika Safonova
Vyacheslav Gubernator
Executive Producer
Ryan Otter
Liasan Utiasheva
Maxim Nesterovich
Anton Panufnik
Ivan Mozhaykin
Oleg Klevakin
Aykhan Shinzhin
Snezhana Kryukova
Nikita Ansimov
Ulyana Pilaeva
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